(all prices are in NZD) and including GST

-U1700L38 Brake pad set ( 4 pads)


-Pressure regulator


-Brake master cylinder ( U1700 )


-Pressure regulator with included trailer port


-Wheel brake 18 Bar 4 way valve


-Brake booster


-Door handle set and ignition 


-Handbrake actuator


-Ignition swicth (key set included)


-Headlight/black light switch


-Fixed door window rubber


-Thrust tube boot


-Metal wiper ( to suit all square cabs)


-Govener/ unloader valve ( 18 bar system)


Heater vent flap with gear select panel


-Air compressor


-Left front steel guard


-Right front guard


-Left door pre primed (on request)

-Right door pre primed (on request)

We have many more parts available so please contact us for further details, we are constantly updating our page.

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