About Us

Unimog and Dave Clark in Alaska Wilderness
Our Vision

To give our clients the personal freedom to fulfill their travel dreams. To have the ability to conquer the paths less navigated and explore the places where there might not even be a road to follow.

Dave Clark in Africa on Sunrise

The Catalyst 

Travel is personal. It is not one experience fits all. We wanted to see the world, differently. When our travel experiences began, there were not many options for people that wanted unique intrepid adventures and cultural immersions - The world completely opens up when you have the freedom to travel by land. 

Clark Global began from a desire to custom build our travels, which started with custom building our first vehicle - travelling 100% our way. 

Tried & Tested 

We work closely with leading expedition vehicle experts in Europe, UK, USA & the global overlanding community. We have tested many different components to find the right equipment needed to withstand the harshest environments around the world. With our proven background in construction and fabricating, and our custom built components, we deliver something that not only will enhance your travel experiences, but will truly stand out in any country you're travelling.